The Women of the Color Purple

The majority of the entries have become a blur and only the most shocking and memorable stick out now. The most graphic and startling of the entries was Celies discovery of her own sexual awareness aided by the ever flamboyant character of Shug Avery, Mr._____ long time mistress. Through their relationship I’ve noticed that Celie is actually in love with Shug Avery and that its more that infatuation. Although it may seem lesbian, for some reason I just don’t feel it is. Also id like to talk about the character Sophia, Harpo’s wife because her character is the exact opposite of Celie’s. She is a strong woman who wont bow down to the men in her life or be subdued by racism.  She is the first person to influence Celie to “Bash Mr.____ head in, and think about heaven later.”

In my opinion Shug and Sophia are the closest things to sisters Celie has after her depart from Nettie as teens. Their actions influence her to finally show here strength in the climax of the novel when Celie has had enough of Mr.____  and leaves finding feedom in life. “

Also I noticed the discovery that her sister is alive the entries in the book are to Nettie and no longer to god. The letters from Nettie are in serted between every new entry and even after she gets the telegragh that her sister is drowned she still writes and receives letters. I feel this shows the necessity for some one to talk to an express her feelings.


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